AMA CPT® Assistant - 2000 Issue 9 (September)

Coding for Videofluorography (Videofluoroscopy) vs. Cineradiography (September 2000)

September 2000 page 4 Coding Communications Coding for Videofluorography (Videofluoroscopy) vs. Cineradiography (This article has been corrected.) Coding for videofluorography and cineradiography services can be a challenge, especially in determining the differences between the procedures. The term videofluoroscopy is synonymous with videofluorography, with the latter being the preferred term. Videofluoro-graphy and cineradiography are similar in that they are both methods for recording motion at fluoroscopy. Cineradiography is a motion picture recording produced by a camera attached to the output port of a fluoroscopic image intensifier. Videofluorography is the recording of motion on videotape or on a digital disk...

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