AMA CPT® Assistant - 1997 Issue 1 (January)

Commission of Omission (January 1997)

January 1997 page 3 Coding Tip Commission of Omission In the 1997 edition of CPT, a typographical error caused confusion for coders. CPT code 26541 and indented code 26542 were printed as they appear below. 26541Reconstruction, collateral ligament, metacarpophalangeal joint, single, with tendon or fascial graft (includes obtaining graft) 26542with local tissue (eg, adductor advancement) Meticulous readers will note that a semicolon (;) was inadvertently omitted. It should appear in CPT code 26541, to distinguish the portion of the code that is considered the "common part," (ie, the portion of the code descriptor that is applicable to...

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