AMA CPT® Assistant - 1996 Issue 7 (July)

Corrections (July 1996)

July 1996 page 3 Corrections On page 6 of the article entitled, Part 2: Spinal Procedure Codes (CPT Assistant. March 1996:3;4-7), in #4 of the 1996 codes, code 22585 should not be reported. Although in 1996, code 22585 replaces the 1995 code 22145, for the purposes of the featured operative report, code 22585 would not be applicable. The 1996 code 22585 refers to interspace, whereas the 1995 code refers to vertebral body. Therefore, since the featured procedure includes arthrodesis of only one interspace (L4-L5), using 1996 codes, it would only be appropriate to report 22558, as listed in...

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