AMA CPT® Assistant - 1992 Issue 4 (April)

CPT 1993 Code Update: Orthopaedic Coding Changes (Winter 1992)

Winter 1992 pages 10-11 CPT 1993 Code Update: Orthopaedic Coding Changes There have been roughly 300 total changes to the orthopaedic section of codes in CPT 1993. These changes include deletions, revisions and modifications that provide for more appropriate anatomic descriptions and codes to report systematic treatment of fractures. Obsolete procedure codes have also been eliminated. Types of Changes Pelvic and acetabular fracture procedure codes have been revised to include up-to-date definitions, including codes for treatment of pelvic ring and anterior and/ or posterior column injuries. Galeazzi distal radius fractures and ankle pilon fractures are now code specific. Fasciotomy...

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