AMA CPT® Assistant - 1999 Issue 12 (December)

CPT 2000 Errata (December 1999)

December 1999 page 7 Coding Update CPT 2000 Errata During the production process for CPT 2000, certain printing errors have occurred. The errata is listed as it chronologically appears in CPT 2000. We apologize for the inconvenience incurred. Should any further errata be identified, please contact CPT Editorial Research and Development (312 464-4723). CPT Main Book and Professional Edition Code 28309 remains an "indented" code under parent code 28306. Code 29848 is NOT intended to be an "indented" code. The cross-reference following code 64450 inadvertently directs users to the translaminar epidural injection codes 62310-62319. The correct codes for phenol...

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