AMA CPT® Assistant - 2000 Issue 12 (December)

CPT 2001 Errata (December 2000)

December 2000 pages 12-13 Coding Communication CPT 2001 Errata During the production process of CPT 2001, certain errors occurred. Below is a list of errors detected at the time of this publication. Frontmatter On the inside front cover of CPT, Modifier -60 was inadvertently omitted. Modifier -60 should be listed following Modifier -59. On the title page of CPT, one contributing staff member was inadvertently omitted. Lianne Stancik, RHIT, should added to the list of contributors. On page vi of the professional edition of CPT, two HCPAC advisor names were transposed. Their names should appear as follows:         K. Michael...

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