AMA CPT® Assistant - 2006 Issue 12 (December)

CPT 2007 Errata to the Codebook (December 2006)

December 2006 pages 10-12 Coding Communication:CPT 2007 Errata to the Codebook The following errata lists corrections to the 2007 CPT codebook. While every effort is made to ensure the most current and accurate information publishes in each annual edition, some oversights occur. Please make note of these corrections and update your 2007 codebook. Should any additional oversights be discovered in the future, they will be corrected and posted on the CPT Web site: SurgeryIntegumentary SystemBreastExcision (To report bilateral procedures, report modifier 50 with the procedure code) Excisional breast surgery includes ... Breast biopsies are reported ... Partial...

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