AMA CPT® Assistant - 2001 Issue 5 (May)

Cystourethroscopy Procedures (May 2001)

May 2001 page 5 Coding Communication Cystourethroscopy Procedures The use of modifier -50, Bilateral procedures, has been an ongoing problem when reporting procedure codes 52000-52355. In many cases, the language of the code descriptor is clear on this issue. For example, code 52000, Cystourethroscopy (separate procedure), describes "looking into the bladder." In normal anatomy there is only one bladder, so modifier -50 would never be added to code 52000, since the procedure cannot be bilateral. An example of appropriate use of modifier -50 is found in code 52005, Cystourethroscopy, with ureteral catheterization, with or without irrigation, instillation, or...

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