AMA CPT® Assistant - 1999 Issue 1 (January)

Cytopathology, 88141, 88147 (Q&A) (January 1999)

January 1999 page 11c Coding Consultation Cytopathology, 88141, 88147 (Q&A) Question Can code 88141 be reported in conjunction with codes 88147 and 88148? AMA Comment Yes. If a pap smear screening by automated system under physician supervision requires subsequent interpretation by a physician then it would be appropriate to report 88147and88141. The same is true for code 88148. These two codes were inadvertently omitted from the parenthetical statement following code 88141. The parenthetical will be corrected for CPT 2000 to indicate that codes 88147 and 88148 can be reported in conjunction with 88141 when appropriate. Cytopathology, 88141, 88147...

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