AMA CPT® Assistant - 1998 Issue 6 (June)

Digestive System, 47630 (Q&A) (June 1998)

June 1998 page 10 Coding Consultation Digestive System, 47630 (Q&A) Question My physician percutaneously passes a Fogerty catheter through the cystic duct to push a stone through the Ampula of Vater. Can I code this with 47630 or should another code be used? AMA Comment Code 47630, Biliary duct stone extraction, percutaneous via T-tube tract, basket, or snare (eg, Burhenne technique), identifies the percutaneous removal of a stone from any of the ducts that convey bile from the liver to the intestine including the hepatic, cystic, and common bile ducts. Therefore, if a percutaneous stone extraction was performed...

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