AMA CPT® Assistant - 1998 Issue 10 (October)

Endoscopy/Arthroscopy, 29889 (Q&A) (October 1998)

October 1998 page 11a Coding Consultation Endoscopy/Arthroscopy, 29889 (Q&A) Question My question is regarding code 29889, Arthroscopically aided posterior cruciate ligament repair/augmentation or reconstruction. Does this code include obtaining autograft harvested through an anterior incision (eg, middle third patella tendon/bone autograft)? AMA Comment Based on the clinical vignette describing this procedure, when autograft is used, it is included in the work of code 29889, and therefore would not be separately reported. Fresh frozen Achilles tendon allograft may also be used but this requires the same degree of "back table" sterile preparation of the graft as does the patella...

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