AMA CPT® Assistant - 1993 Issue 4 (April)

Errata - CPT 1994 (Winter 1993)

Winter 1993 page 11 Errata - CPT 1994 During the book production process for CPT 1994, the word "expanded" was inadvertently left out of the following codes: 99202    99252    99283 99213    99272    99322 99242    99282    99342 In each code, the wording should read:     an expanded problem focused history     an expanded problem focused examination The code 93017 was also omitted. If you purchased your CPT book from the AMA, you will automatically receive stickers to correct the omissions. If you purchased your book from the AMA after October 22, 1993, the stickers will come with your book. If you purchased your book from another source, please...

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