AMA CPT® Assistant - 2001 Issue 12 (December)

Errata: CPT Changes 2002: An Insider's View (December 2001)

December 2001 page 3a Coding Update Errata: CPT Changes 2002: An Insider's View The following serves as a correction to the information previously published in CPT Changes 2002: An Insider's View. On page 122, the third sentence, third word, should be cystoscopy and not cystectomy. On page 123, under the Clinical Example (52347), the Description of Procedure (52347) does not apply and should be deleted. That is actually the description of 52001 and was inadvertently printed under 52347. The Description of Procedure for 52347 should read: Panendoscope is introduced under direct vision. The veru monatanum, ejaculatory ducts, prostatic urethra...

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