AMA CPT® Assistant - 1992 Issue 1 (January)

Errata (Spring 1992)

Spring 1992 page 20 Coding Tip Errata CPT 1992 The following corrections should be noted: Table of Contents, page ix Appendix A- Modifiers    563 Appendix B- Summary of Additions, Deletions & Revisions    568 Appendix C-Short Procedure Tape Revision    592 Instructions for the use of CPT Index    612 Index    613 E/M Guidelines E/M guidelines, page 8 add -21 modifier-Prolonged Evaluation and Management Services. When the service(s) provided is prolonged or otherwise greater than that usually required for the highest level of evaluation and management service within a given category, it may be identified by adding modifier '-21' to the evaluation and management code number or...

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