AMA CPT® Assistant - 2001 Issue 10 (October)

Evaluation and Management Services (October 2001)

October 2001 page 11a Coding Consultation Evaluation and Management Services, 90945, 90947 (Q&A) Question Can you elaborate on what is meant by evaluation and management services "unrelated to dialysis services" in the following statement? For ESRD related services and dialysis procedure(s) performed during period of hospitalization: Report appropriate inpatient evaluation and management service code(s) for the hospitalized period if service(s) is unrelated to ESRD services. Report 90945 or 90947 for each inpatient dialysis procedure. AMA Comment Unrelated refers to a condition other than renal failure. Codes 90945 and 90947 describe a dialysis procedure (other than hemodialysis) and include...

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