AMA CPT® Assistant - 1996 Issue 6 (June)

Eye and Ocular Adnexa, 68761 (Q&A) (June 1996)

June 1996 page 10h Coding Consultation Eye and Ocular Adnexa, 68761 (Q&A) Question What is the meaning of the word "each" in code 68761? Does it refer to each punctum, each plug, or each eye? AMA Comment In code 68761, Closure of the lacrimal punctum; by plug, each, the word "each" refers to each plug that is placed in a punctum. The punctum (puncta, plural) is an opening in the lacrimal canaliculi, located on the upper and lower eyelid margin near the nose. This is the entrance to the tear drainage system from the eye surface to the...

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