AMA CPT® Assistant - 1998 Issue 12 (December)

Fluoroscopy/Spine Procedures (December 1998)

December 1998 page 11-end Coding Updates Fluoroscopy/Spine Procedures CPT 1999 includes the addition of a cross reference in the Spine and Spinal Cord Injection, Drainage, or Aspiration subsection of the Nervous System section. This cross reference was added to instruct users to additionally report code 76000 should fluoroscopic guidance be required in the performance of various epidural and subarachnoid injection procedures (62274, 62282, 62288-62289, 62298). However, from a CPT coding perspective it is also appropriate to additionally report code 76000 when fluoroscopic guidance is required for diagnostic spinal puncture (62270), therapeutic spinal puncture (62272) and epidural injection for blood...

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