AMA CPT® Assistant - 2000 Issue 7 (July)

Hematology and Coagulation (July 2000)

July 2000 page 11b Coding Consultation Hematology and Coagulation, 85024, 85025 (Q&A) Question CPT codes 85024 and 82025 have the same wording, except that code 85024 is for partial differential and 85025 is for complete differential. What constitutes a partial vs. a complete differential? AMA Comment The term partial differential, as used in the code descriptor for 85024, Blood count; hemogram and platelet count, automated, and automated partial differential WBC count (CBC), describes an automated blood count of three groups of white blood cells (eg, basophils, eosinophils and monocytes), along with hemogram and platelet count. The term complete...

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