AMA CPT® Assistant - 2000 Issue 2 (February)

Injection of Anesthetic and/or Steroidal Agents 64470-64484 (February 2000)

February 2000 pages 4-6 Coding Communication Injection of Anesthetic and/or Steroidal Agents 64470-64484 This article is the second of a three part series of articles addressing injections into the spine and spinal cord. Specifically, the injection of anesthetic agents, CPT codes 64470-64484 will be discussed. The introduction/injection of anesthetic agent (nerve block), diagnostic or therapeutic series of codes were revised in CPT 2000 to reflect current clinical practice. Code descriptors now include spinal anatomy not previously identified (eg, cervical and thoracic spinal regions). The paravertebral facet joint or facet joint nerve codes are intended to clarify the spinal anatomy...

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