AMA CPT® Assistant - 1997 Issue 4 (April)

Integumentary, 11043, 11044 (Q&A) (April 1997)

April 1997 page 11a Coding Consultation Integumentary, 11043, 11044 (Q&A) Question Why aren't CPT codes 11043, Debridement including removal of foreign material associated with open fracture(s) and/or disclocation(s); skin and subcutaneous tissues, and 11044, skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle, and bone, adequate to report fracture debridement? AMA Comment The Relative Value Units assigned to codes 11043 and 11044 do not reflect the more work intensive orthopaedic debridement procedure. Integumentary, 11043, 11044 (Q&A). CPT® Assistant. 1997; April 1997 page 11a ...

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