AMA CPT® Assistant - 2001 Issue 11 (November)

Integumentary System (November 2001)

November 2001 page 11-end Coding Consultation Integumentary System, 19330, 19371 (Q&A) Question In a case when the breast implant has ruptured and the implant material extends beyond the capsule, markedly infiltrating surrounding tissue, should I report the removal of implant material in addition to the capsulectomy? AMA Comment It would be appropriate to report both the capsulectomy code 19371, Periprosthetic capsulectomy, breast, and the removal of implant material using code 19330, Removal of mammary implant material, given the above circumstances. Otherwise, the capsulectomy code 19371 includes the removal of the old implant material. Integumentary System, 19330, 19371 (Q&...

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