AMA CPT® Assistant - 1999 Issue 4 (April)

Intracardiac Electrophysiological Procedures, 93618 (Q&A) (April 1999)

April 1999 page 10 Coding Consultation Intracardiac Electrophysiological Procedures, 93618 (Q&A) Question Can I report code 93618 for induction of arrhythmia by electrical pacing at the time of initial cardioverter defibrillator implantation or replacement programming (codes 93640 or 93641) ? AMA Comment No. The induction of arrhythmia(s) by electrical pacing (code 93618) is an integral component of initial cardioverter-defibrillator programming at the time of implantation or replacement. The procedures described by codes 93640 or 93641 always require the induction of arrhythmia. It is not appropriate to report code 93618 in addition to code 93640 or 93641. Intracardiac Electrophysiological Procedures...

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