AMA CPT® Assistant - 2000 Issue 6 (June)

Intracranial Neurostimulators (June 2000)

June 2000 pages 3-4 Coding Communication Intracranial Neurostimulators The deep brain stimulation codes have been revised to reflect new technology and target sites for stimulation, and disorders treated by deep brain stimulation. Brain stimulation indications have increased and now include the treatment of functional disorders (eg, movement problems from Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, multiple sclerosis, head trauma, drug-induced hyperkinesias, vascular malformations, cerebral hemorrhage and intractable pain). CPT Code 61862 Code 61862, Twist drill, burr hole, craniotomy, or craniectomy for stereotactic implantation of one neurostimulator array in subcortical site (eg, thalamus, globus pallidus, subthalamic nucleus, periventricular, periaqueductal gray), was added...

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