AMA CPT® Assistant - 2000 Issue 4 (April)

Intravascular Distal Coronary Blood Flow Velocity Measurement (93571-93572) (April 2000)

April 2000 pages 1-3 Intravascular Distal Coronary Blood Flow Velocity Measurement (93571-93572) Intravascular distal coronary blood flow velocity measurement, CPT codes 93571 and 93572, is an invasive procedure employing a miniaturized Doppler transducer mounted at the tip of a specialized guide wire to record intravascular coronary blood flow velocity measurement distal to a coronary lesion (prior and subsequent to pharmacologic stress). This device is small enough to be advanced beyond a coronary lesion without significantly increasing the occlusion, which would invalidate the distal flow measurements. Codes 93571 and 93572 are different from other cardiac stress test codes that explicitly...

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