AMA CPT® Assistant - 2009 Issue 10 (October)

Lateral Extracavitary Approaches to the Lumbar Spine (October 2009)

October 2009 pages 9-11 Lateral Extracavitary Approaches to the Lumbar Spine The lateral extracavitary approach (LECA) to the anterior lumbar spine (popularized by Larson et al.1) has been used extensively in the management of spinal tumors, infections, and fractures. The LECA technique uses a posterior incision with a posterior-lateral dissection to the anterior spinal region that allows simultaneous anterior and posterior spinal exposure for decompression and arthrodesis (fusion). Using the LECA technique for anterior lumbar spinal decompression and corpectomy, the surgeon is able to remove the posterior spinal structures (such as the lamina and facet joints) along with...

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