AMA CPT® Assistant - 2004 Issue 6 (June)

Male Genital System/Surgery (June 2004)

June 2004 page 10d Coding Consultation:Questions and Answers Male Genital System, 55400, 69990 (Q&A) Clarification: In the November 1998 issue of the CPT Assistant newsletter (page 16), the article “Review of the 1999 CPT Coding Changes” incorrectly stated: “An explanatory note has been added to code 55400 instructing the user not to additionally report the operating microscope code 69990. Use of the operating microscope is an inherently inclusive proce dural component of these codes.” Please make the necessary corrections, as the following information will supercede the 1998 CPT Assistant information. Question When performing 55400, Vasovasostomy...

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