AMA CPT® Assistant - 1999 Issue 8 (August)

Male Genital System, 54111 (Q&A) (August 1999)

August 1999 page 5 Coding Consultation Male Genital System, 54111 (Q&A) Question Does code 54111 include obtaining the graft? AMA Comment When procurement (harvest) of the graft is separately performed, this procedure may be reported in addition to code 54111 Excision of penile plaque (Peyronie disease); with graft to 5 cm in length. Graft procurement may occur from multiple sources (eg, fascia, tunic of testis, and cadaver sources), When the autogenous graft is obtained through a separate incision, this procedure is separately reported; for example, code 20920 may be reported for procuring a fascia graft, or code 20926...

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