AMA CPT® Assistant - 1996 Issue 9 (September)

Male Genital System, 54150, 54161, 54235 (Q&A) (September 1996)

September 1996 page 10d Coding Consultation Male Genital System, 54150, 54161, 54235 (Q&A) Question Does code 54235, Injection of corpora cavernosa with pharmacologic agent(s) (eg, papaverine, phentolamine), include the supply of the drug used during the procedure? AMA Comment CPT code 54235 is intended to represent the procedure of injecting the corpora cavernosa with a pharmacologic agent(s). The drugs indicated in the code descriptor are merely examples of types of drugs that may be injected into the corpora cavernosa. You should report an additional code(s) for the supply of the drug(s) used during the procedure (99070 or level...

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