AMA CPT® Assistant - 1996 Issue 6 (June)

Maternity Care and Delivery, 59414, 59430 (Q&A) (June 1996)

June 1996 page 10g Coding Consultation Maternity Care and Delivery, 59414, 59430 (Q&A) Question A patient delivers vaginally prior to admission. The physician delivers the placenta and provides postpartum care, but not antepartum care. How would this be coded? AMA Comment Report CPT code 59414, Delivery of placenta (separate procedure) for the delivery of the placenta, and code 59430, Postpartum care only (separate procedure) for the provision of postpartum care. Postpartum care includes hospital and office visits following vaginal or cesarean section delivery. Maternity Care and Delivery, 59414, 59430 (Q&A). CPT® Assistant. 1996; June 1996 page 10g...

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