AMA CPT® Assistant - 2004 Issue 12 (December)

Maternity Care and Delivery/Surgery (December 2004)

December 2004 page 19c Coding Consultation:Questions and Answers Maternity Care and Delivery, 59074, 59076 (Q&A) Question What is the difference between the techniques utilized in code 59074, Fetal fluid drainage, and 59076, Fetal shunt placement? AMA Comment In performing fetal fluid drainage (59074) a needle is utilized to aspirate a limited amount of fluid from the affected organ (eg, bladder, lung) for diagnostic purposes (eg, to access fetal renal function) or for therapeutic purposes (eg, drainage of abdominal cysts, thoracentesis for pleural effusion). Fetal shunt placement (59076) also is used to drain fluid, but it is accomplished through...

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