AMA CPT® Assistant - 1996 Issue 9 (September)

Medicine, 95808, 95816 (Q&A) (September 1996)

September 1996 page 11d Coding Consultation Medicine, 95808, 95816 (Q&A) Question Can I report code 95816 for an EEG study with 95808, Poly-somnography? AMA Comment Yes, when the two studies are performed independently of one another. Polysomnography requires at least one central and usually several EEG electrodes. The EEG used during polysomnography differs from that performed for separate diagnostic purposes. However, do not use the EEG code to report the EEG recording component of the sleep study. Code 95808 includes this type of EEG monitoring. If a full EEG study is done separately from the EEG parameters obtained...

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