AMA CPT® Assistant - 1996 Issue 5 (May)

Medicine, 98925-98929 (Q&A) (May 1996)

May 1996 page 10b Coding Consultation Medicine, 98925-98929 (Q&A) Question I work for an MD physician who treats many patients with back pain. He performs osteopathic manipulative treatment for these patients. Can I report the codes for osteopathic manipulative treatment, CPT codes 98925-98929, or can only osteopathic physicians report these codes? AMA Comment CPT codes 98925-98929 describe osteopathic manipulative treatment, which can be defined as a form of manual treatment applied by a physician to eliminate or alleviate somatic dysfunction and related disorders. The term somatic dysfunction is used to designate impaired or altered function of related components...

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