AMA CPT® Assistant - 2009 Issue 4 (April)

Medicine/Cardiovascular (April 2009)

April 2009 page 9b Medicine: Cardiovascular, 93799 (Q&A) Question: What is the correct coding for placement of a coronary sinus catheter? The documentation is as follows: 11 Frx10cm introducer sheath inserted into right internal jugular vein using sterile, modified, Seldinger technique after 1 attempt. Central venous pressure verified. Side-port flushes and aspirates easily. Sheath sutured in place. Coronary sinus catheter placed via sheath and positioned using TEE guidance. Ventricularized waveform obtained at 36 cm using 2 cc saline in balloon. Sterile dressing applied. No hematoma noted." Answer: In general, coronary sinus catheters are used for research purposes...

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