AMA CPT® Assistant - 2008 Issue 10 (October)

Medicine/Cardiovascular (October 2008)

October 2008 page 10b Medicine: Cardovascular, 93621, 93623 (Q&A) Question: What would be the correct way to code the following scenario? A patient presents with atrial flutter or atrial fibrillation. Right atrial pacing cannot be performed because the arrhythmia cannot be paced. Right ventricle pacing/recording is not performed. Pacing and recording from the coronary sinus are done to assist in mapping the arrhythmia. Once the arrhythmogenic focus is mapped and ablated, programmed stimulation and pacing is performed in an attempt to induce the arrhythmia. A comprehensive code cannot be reported because the right atrium could not be paced...

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