AMA CPT® Assistant - 2009 Issue 8 (August)

Medicine/ Health and Behavior Assessment/Intervention (August 2009)

August 2009 page 9a Medicine: Health and Behavior Assessment, Intervention, 96150 (Q&A) Question: Is it still appropriate for physicians to report codes from the Health and Behavior Assessment/Intervention (HBAI) series (codes 96150-96155), or should they use E/M codes? Answer: The May 2005 CPT Assistant previously indicated that these codes could be reported by physician and nonphysician practitioners. However, guidelines indicate that the codes included in the CPT codebook for health and behavioral assessment (codes 96150-96155), should only be reported by qualified nonphysician health care professionals to identify assessment and treatment for biopsychosocial factors affecting a patient's physical health...

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