AMA CPT® Assistant - 2009 Issue 5 (May)

Medicine/Ophthalmology (May 2009)

May 2009 page 9b Medicine: Ophthalmology, 92270 (Q&A) Question: Can otolaryngologists report the CPT code 92270, Electro-oculography with interpretation and report, to indicate saccadic testing during an electronystamography (ENG) procedure? Answer: No. Providers should only use this code to document a standard test of the electrical potential created in a retina when exposed to light for Best vitelliform maculopathy. As a result, otolaryngologists and their practices should not report CPT code 92270 with ENG testing CPT codes 92541-92547, in the Vestibular Functions Tests, With Recording subsection. To ensure appropriate reimbursement for any services rendered, remember to submit detailed...

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