AMA CPT® Assistant - 2010 Issue 10 (October)

Medicine: Ophthalmology (October 2010)

October 2010 page 10aa Medicine: Ophthalmology Question: What is the appropriate CPT code to report for a bilateral computer-assisted video keratography (CAVK)? Answer: Computerized corneal topography is also known as computer-assisted video keratography (CAVK) and corneal mapping. Therefore, code 92025, Computerized corneal topography, unilateral or bilateral, with interpretation and report, is the appropriate code to report for this service. Code 92025 is not used for manual keratoscopy, which is part of a single system evaluation and management or ophthalmological service. Medicine: Ophthalmology (October 2010). CPT® Assistant. 2010; October 2010 page 10aa ...

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