AMA CPT® Assistant - 2011 Issue 5 (May)

Medicine: Special Otorhinolaryngologic Services [Q & A] (May 2011)

May 2011 page 10 Medicine: Special Otorhinolaryngologic Services Question: For Vestibular Function Test codes 92541, Spontaneous nystagmus test, including gaze and fixation nystagmus, with recording; 92545, Oscillating tracking test, with recording; 92546, Sinusoidal vertical axis rotational testing; and 92548, Computerized dynamic posturography, is it appropriate to report multiple units of each code during the same encounter? Are these codes reported per each recording, per eye, or per axis rotation? Answer: Vestibular Function Test codes 92541, 92545, 92546, and 92548 are reported only once per encounter, and are not reported per eye or per axis rotation. Medicine: Special Otorhinolaryngologic Services...

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