AMA CPT® Assistant - 1999 Issue 3 (March)

Modifier -51, 17304-17310 (Q&A) (March 1999)

March 1999 page 11b Coding Consultation Modifier -51, 17304-17310 (Q&A) Question Is it appropriate to use modifier -51, Multiple procedures, when only reporting the codes in the 17304-17310 for Mohs' Micrographic Surgery? AMA Comment No. It would not be appropriate to append the -51 modifier to codes 17304-17310 when performing only Moh's micrographic surgery for the removal of complex or ill-defined skin cancer. As indicated by the code symbol appearing before codes 17305-17310, these codes are exempt from the use of the -51 modifier. However, code 17304 is not exempt from the use of the -51 modifier. There...

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