AMA CPT® Assistant - 1996 Issue 4 (April)

Musculoskeletal, 21193-21196 (Q&A) (April 1996)

April 1996 page 11 Coding Consultation Musculoskeletal, 21193-21196 (Q&A) Question I noticed in my 1996 CPT book that the mandibular reconstruction codes (21193-21196) were changed this year, and now are to be used for a bilateral procedure. What code do I report for a unilateral procedure? Answer CPT codes 21193 and 21195 (as well as 21194 and 21196) were revised in CPT 1996 to more clearly define that these procedures are typically performed on both sides of the mandible, (eg, an osteotomy on the rami [plural] as opposed to the ramus [singular]). The procedures reported using these codes...

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