AMA CPT® Assistant - 2004 Issue 11 (November)

Nervous System/Surgery (November 2004)

November 2004 page 11 Coding Consultation:Questions and Answers Nervous System/Surgery, 64517 (Q&A) Question On which anatomic area is the superior hypogastric block focused as described by code 64517, Injection, anesthetic agent; superior hypogastric plexus? AMA Comment Code 64517 was added to CPT 2004 to describe the injection of an anesthetic agent into the superior hypogastric plexus. A superior hypogastric plexus block focuses on providing relief from pain in the pelvic area and requires a technique that is substantially different from other blocks. The physician must pass a needle through the L5-S1 interspace to inject the anesthetic. Additionally, code...

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