AMA CPT® Assistant - 2007 Issue 12 (December)

Ophthalmology (December 2007)

December 2007 page 13d Bonus Feature:Ophthalmology Question: If performing intravitreal insertion of a nonbiodegradable drug delivery implant (without removal of vitreous) should code 11981, 67027, or 67299 be reported? Answer: Code 67027, Implantation of intravitreal drug delivery system (eg, ganciclovir implant), includes concomitant removal of vitreous, should be reported with modifier 52, Reduced services, appended. The use of modifier 52 indicates that at the discretion of the physician a portion of the procedure as described was not performed. As indicated, "the removal of vitreous" was not performed. Ophthalmology (December 2007). CPT® Assistant. 2007; December 2007 page 13d ...

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