AMA CPT® Assistant - 2000 Issue 1 (January)

Organ or Disease Oriented Panel Changes for 2000 (January 2000)

January 2000 pages 7-9 Coding Communications Organ or Disease Oriented Panel Changes for 2000 There have been several changes to the Organ or Disease Oriented Panels for CPT 2000. In previous editions of CPT, if a test component of an Organ or Disease Oriented panel was changed, the panel code remained the same. In an effort to lessen confusion in the reporting of revised Organ or Disease Oriented panels for CPT 2000, codes 80049 (basic metabolic panel), 80054 (comprehensive metabolic panel), and 80058 (hepatic function panel) were assigned new code numbers 80048, 80053 and 80076, respectively, as their descriptors...

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