AMA CPT® Assistant - 2008 Issue 1 (January)

Orthopedic Surgery Changes in 2008: Part 2 (January 2008)

January 2008 pages 4-7 Orthopedic Surgery Changes in 2008: Part 2 See part 1 of this article here. This article highlights major changes to the Orthopaedic Surgery section of the 2008 CPT codebook, including editorial changes to the language of multiple open fracture treatment codes and the addition of new codes. Revision of Multiple Open Fracture Treatment Codes to Exclude External Fixation Fifty-seven musculoskeletal codes were editorially revised with removal of the phrase "with or without internal or external fixation" and insertion of the phrase "includes internal fixation, when performed" to indicate that when external fixation is performed in...

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