AMA CPT® Assistant - 2010 Issue 2 (February)

Pain Medicine (February 2010)

February 2010 pages 9-11 Pain Medicine For CPT 2010, revisions were made to certain pain medicine procedures. New procedural codes and guidelines were created in the Nervous System section to clarify the reporting of these services. This article provides an overview of these additions and revisions. The following code sets are affected: Neurostimulators (Spinal) (codes 63650-63688); Introduction/Injection of Anesthetic Agent (Nerve Block), Diagnostic or Therapeutic (codes 64400-64484); Paravertebral Spinal Nerves and Branches (codes 64490-64495); and Ultrasound Guidance for Facet Injections (Category III codes 0213T-0218T). Pain Medicine Terms and Definitions Array: collection of electrodes or contacts that are on one...

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