AMA CPT® Assistant - 1997 Issue 6 (June)

Pathology and Laboratory, 80050 (Q&A) (June 1997)

June 1997 page 10e Coding Consultation Pathology and Laboratory, 80050 (Q&A) Question Should I use the general health panel (80050) to report symptomatic patients or asymptomatic patients? AMA Comment CPT does not state diagnoses for which codes should be used. If you are coding for automated chemistries, 12 or more (80012-80019); hemogram automated and manual differential WBC count (CBC) (85022) OR; hemogram and platelet count, automated, and automated complete differential WBC count (CBC) (85025); Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) (84443), then you should report 80050. Pathology and Laboratory, 80050 (Q&A). CPT® Assistant. 1997; June 1997 page 10e ...

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