AMA CPT® Assistant - 2011 Issue 3 (March)

Pathology and Laboratory: Chemistry (Q & A) (March 2011)

March 2011 page 10b Pathology and Laboratory: Chemistry Question: What is the correct code to report for quantitative drug assays that are performed by chromatography and not defined in codes 80150-80202? Should these assays be reported with code 80299 or code 82491? Answer: Quantitative chromatography for analytes should be reported with the drug-specific code specified in either the Therapeutic Drug Assay or Chemistry subsections, if available. If the drug specific code does not exist, it is appropriate to assign the applicable chromatographic methodologic code to describe this service (e.g., 82491, Chromatography, quantitative, column (eg, gas liquid or HPLC)...

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