AMA CPT® Assistant - 2010 Issue 3 (March)

Pedicle Flaps (Skin and/or Deep Tissues) - (Codes 15570-15576) (March 2010)

March 2010 pages 4-5 Pedicle Flaps (Skin and/or Deep Tissues) - (Codes 15570-15576) A pedicle flap is a segment of tissue transferred to fill a defect while maintaining its own original blood supply. There are many types of flaps available, including cutaneous (local), fasciocutaneous, muscle, musculocutaneous, and free flaps. A local skin flap (eg, rotation flap, transposition flap, interpolation flap) contains all layers of the skin and may contain subcutaneous tissues. A pedicle flap is a portion of skin and subcutaneous tissue raised from its bed at one end and moved to another part of the body while one...

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