AMA CPT® Assistant - 2009 Issue 1 (January)

Plantar Common Digital Nerve Injection Procedures-Codes 64455 and 64632 (January 2009)

January 2009 page 6 Coding Communication:Plantar Common Digital Nerve Injection Procedures-Codes 64455 and 64632 Plantar interdigital neuroma of the foot, often called "Morton's neuroma" a common cause of forefoot pain and paresthesia. It is thought to be due to interdigital nerve compression caused by either entrapment of the proper digital nerve as it passes between the metatarsal heads and beneath the intermetatarsal ligament or an intermetatarsal bursa overlying the nerve causing nerve compression. With time, the entrapped nerve undergoes degenerative vascular changes, axonal demyelination, and, in some cases, inflammatory changes. Associated findings include adjacent fibrous and fatty tissue and...

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