AMA CPT® Assistant - 1999 Issue 2 (February)

Pulmonary Function Testing (February 1999)

February 1999 page 9a Coding Correction Pulmonary Function Testing The Pulmonary Function Testing article that appeared in the CPT Assistant (January 1999, Volume 9, Issue 1) contained an error. An incorrect clinical vignette was printed for code 94060. The vignette that was printed is a description of services for reporting code 94010. Here are the correct vignettes for codes 94060 and 94010. 94060Bronchospasm evaluation: spirometry as in 94010, before and after bronchodilator (aerosol or parenteral) Vignette for Code 94060 A 68-year-old woman has a history of chronic non-productive cough with wheezing. She has also noticed increasing dyspnea with mild...

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